Youth Volunteers (Ages 14 - 17)

What is the minimum age to volunteer with Queens Library?

Individuals, 14 and older may volunteer with Queens Library.  Under New York State law, youth under fourteen are not permitted to volunteer.

What is the approval process for youth?

Youth (under 18) must complete the regular approval process. Additionally, youth are required to obtain the following:

  • Parental / Guardian consent

  • Valid working papers

How do I obtain the parental / guardian consent form?

The parental / guardian consent forms are emailed following the initial follow-up conducted by Volunteer Services.

Where can I obtain my working papers?

Working papers may be obtained through your school office and/or guidance counselor.

Read more about obtaining your working papers

How do I submit the paperwork?

All paperwork must be submitted to the project supervisor during the personal interview.

Are there any restrictions for youth volunteers?

Some projects request older volunteers based on the hours or skills needed.  Project requirements are listed on the description page.